MYRIAD is an artistic exploration of insect communication, framed by relationships of control and exchange. It is the result of a year spent researching social insects with the aim of achieving a form of interspecies dialogue. The experimental process has approached communication as a form of drawing, creating lines through a range of techniques from pheromone manipulation to environmental intervention. The resulting images are living drawings that transform under the shifting influence of insect and human intelligence. By turns evocative, profound, and absurd, they represent attempts to cross evolutionary boundaries and create new forms of awareness between humans and the organisms we live intimately with.


This project is being done in collaboration with the Centre for Integrative Bee Research (CIBER) and BeeLab Sydney.

I have documented my research along with an array of insect-related art here:

MYRIAD has also been documented in an exhibition at Free Range Gallery and an artist’s book.


Myriad from Loren Kronemyer on Vimeo.