True Aim

Entropy Target, hand painted mural, carbon fibre rod, huon blue feathers.

Infinity Target, hand painted mural, carbon fibre rod, huon blue feathers.
Target Studies, drawings on paper

True Aim by Loren Kronemyer, Michael Bugelli Gallery, April 2021

True Aim is a series of drawings that explore the iconography of the target. In her training as an archer since 2019, artist Loren Kronemyer has spent thousands of hours examining the concentric white, black, blue, red, and yellow circles that make up the traditional World Archery Federation target.

Marksmanship demands a heightened state of stillness, focus, and corporeal awareness. “Learning to shoot has led me to spend days at a time standing perfectly still, staring at a 20 cm gold circle. It’s an experience unlike any other in my daily life. Through this practice, I have opened up heightened awareness of my body, and its sensation of time. These phenomena have inspired me to experiment with the iconography of the target in relationship to entropy, infinity, time, and relativity. Drawing the circles lets them into my body in a new way, and increases my intimacy with the image.”

This exhibit also includes a limited edition of 6 one-of-a-kind target NFTs. Target Practice for Soft Survival is available for purchase at