Life Drawing



This project was a continuation of my experiments in pursuit of a form of living and self-healing drawing.  These drawings are injured by hand into in-vitro muscle tissue cell cultures, then documenting through live cell imaging time lapse microscopy.  They are ephemeral performances of injury, a reflection of how the human creative impulse implicates other life forms, and of how the marks we artists strive to make on the world are ultimately subject to decay.  At play is the metaphor of the cell line, which in the laboratory refers to the continuous reproduction and commodification of disembodied tissue.  In this case, the cell line is translated literally into the lines of a drawing,  which are tentatively inflicted by the hand of the artist.

This project was made possible by the SymbioticA Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts and the faculty of Anatomy and Human Biology, especially the tireless support of Guy Ben-Ary.  Additional thanks to Andrew Pelling of Pellinglab and Andrew Stevenson of the Burn Injury Research Unit at the Fiona Wood Foundation.



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