Remains Management Services

Remains Management Services 1


Remains Management Services is a performative business that exists on multiple platforms.  The business offers clients a helpful consultation regarding how they wish their remains to be handled post-mortem.  With the help of a knowledgeable consultant, participants are shown through a number of available options for the disposition of their remains, ranging from the traditional to the ecological to the altruistic to the esoteric.  Once they have made their selection, they are assisted in the process of filling out a formal declaration of their wishes, to be kept as an annexure to their will and testament, which is then signed and witnessed, making it a functioning legal document.

Remains Management Services was developed with the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art as part of Proximity Festival, Australia’s first one-on-one performance showcase.  Over the course of the sold-out festival, over 110 participants experienced the work, which continues to exist on the web at