Natural Selection

Embedded in every living body, there is a history of those that came before it. Natural Selection is a performance in which the audience member is challenged to inhabit a body with fewer recent human adaptations.  Confronted with their new body, they are immediately forced to negotiate escape from a built environment they are no longer adapted to.  

Natural Selection was developed as part of Proximity Festival 2014 at the Fremantle Art Centre.

Natural Selection discussed as part of Peter Chang’s “Perth Artists” series:

“Most striking, and compelling, of all, I was taken back down the evolutionary tree by Loren Kronemyer as I struggled, wordless, bound, bent and maladroit, to escape the trap she had set for me.”

David Zampatti, The West Australian


IMG_2906     IMG_2943         IMG_4981Photos and video:Peter Chang courtesy of Proximity Festival 2014