Ecosexual Bathhouse



Ecosexual Bathhouse is ultimately a provocation to reframe our perspective on the biosphere, to rethink the social and psychological boundaries between sex and ecology by acknowledging the perversity of our current situation. In the hands of Pony Express, “ecosexuality” is something between an identity and an idea—it’s a strategy for dealing with the world that we’ve created, a way to ease the end by making it more hedonistic and, perhaps, mutually pleasurable. After all, we got into this mess in the first place by forgetting that the earth doesn’t have to love us unconditionally. Rather than approaching the world as a warehouse of insensate things we wish to stockpile for later use, we should consider it a partner in the longest relationship we’ll ever have.”

-Olivia Parkes, Broadly


Next Wave Festival 2016, Melbourne; Liveworks Festival 2016, Sydney; Reckless Acts Festival 2017, Perth; Dark Mofo 2017, Hobart; Santarcangelo Festival 2017, Italy; Forum of the Future 2017, Portugal.

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photos by MATT SAV.

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