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Mangle Tangle Strangle Dangle

Mangle Tangle Strangle Dangle is an installation work where Kronemyer uses the infastructure of the gallery space itself to create trapping devices based on traditional outdoor skills.  Each trap is outfitted with a video “bait”, self-powered, and potentially deadly when activated. MTSD has been shown as part of the group shows Without Rule of Law at […]

MYRIAD included as one of Dazed Digital’s Top Ten Art Meets Biology Innovations Ants are pretty great collaborators for any bioartist. Artist Loren Kronemyer wrote exhortations in pheremones and then let ants flashmob her words, all captured in mesmerising time-lapse. Bio-cybernetic engineer Kuai Shen Auson went a step further, creating an elaboration technological ecosystem where a colony of ants could act as DJs!  

On the fly Interview for Mount Force on ABC Radio!

Loren Kronemyer was chased down by reporter Anthony Stewart and interviewed during one of the Mount Force patrols in Perth! “The mysterious Mount Force has been patrolling Perth’s city streets. Part mounted police force / bird of prey / art project. Anthony Stewart cracked the mystery. perthmountforceart #policing“

Interview in CLOT Magazine “Although I work with living material, I don’t identify myself as a bioartist, and I don’t recognise the difference between science and art anymore.  I am not preoccupied with cataloguing their crossovers or explaining their shared history or revelling in the novelty of bridging the two.  To me, the differences between practice of art […]

Loren Kronemyer interviewed on Wombat Radio

Podcast Part 1 Podcast Part 2 “I work really hard to aspire to geological time scales” LK “We can choose how we enter the future” LK “Inevitability is something we can let go of” LK “Interesting specificity vs boring universality” LK Loren Kronemyer is an internationally exhibiting artist from Los Angeles, California now based in […]

The West Australian reviews Proximity Festival 2014

David Zampatti has single out Natural Selection as the standout work of Proximity Festival 2014.  He writes: Most striking, and compelling, of all, I was taken back down the evolutionary tree by Loren Kronemyer as I struggled, wordless, bound, bent and maladroit, to escape the trap she had set for me. Read his full review […]

Artlink – Bio Art: Life in the Anthropocene

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  My work is featured twice in the new issue of Artlink, volume 34 number 3.  The first is in Oron Catts’ discussion of SymbioticA, which includes a still from the series MYRIAD.  The second is on the back cover, in a promotion of the Masters of Biological Arts program. You can learn more about the issue […]

Performing Lines WA Interview

I am debuting my new performance piece Remains Management Services as part of Proximity Festival 2013 at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art next week. Check out this interview I did with Kate Hancock of Performing Lines about the piece, my practice, and the magic of one-on-one art. INTERVIEW: LOREN KRONEMYER Posted by admin, […]

Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep Interview

Collaborator Shannon Williamson and I had the pleasure of being interviewed on RTRfm 92.1 here in Perth fr our show Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep.  Give it a listen to get some insight into what we were up to in the sleep lab and leading up to the show.